About Moon Stone International Investment S.A.

We are engaged in environmental engineering. With our own patent procedure originally non-municipal waste is processed into composites or artificial soils with which we repair degraded areas or carry out anti-flood measures.


The company’s vision is based on our values, which are knowledge, accountability, innovation, cooperation and development.

We develop innovative technologies, services and products that enable comprehensive and advanced use of available environmental resources in the local areas and the environment.

Our vision is realized through the development and paving of innovative technologies in the field of environment, housing and environmental technologies that enable sustainability in the environment and in society, which is geared to development. We accomplishing innovative ambitions with the responsibility towards the environment..


Our knowledge and experience is used to create technologies, services, processes and products, which combine different areas of expertise.

Creating new industries in the environmental sector.

We are introducing a new concept of spatial use.

We provide efficient concepts and solutions in the areas of housing and energy usage.

We Improve the quality of the environment and quality of life, increasing the sustainable growth and development.


The basic operating principles – key values are reflected in all activities of the company.


Artificial soils

Sludges from waste water and sediments of water bodies are the areas of waste generation. For handling those problems, we are using our own technology for treating waste and re-use of valuable products with the mineralisation processing. From the products of the treated waste we prepare synthetic soils for the purpose of implementation procedures in the areas of rehabilitation of degraded areas and the new provincial developments.

New composites

Waste from construction, mining, industry, energy plants and certain municipal activities which are present in the society the most, are the areas of waste, from which we prepare, with selected processing, new industrial composites for the needs of rehabilitation of degraded areas and the new provincial developments. A specific development challenge for us is the remainder of the so-called useless heavy fractions (after mechanical biological treatment of municipal waste and ash treatment after thermal processing of alternative fuels) to create a new industrial composite from waste, which is permitted for use in earthworks, renovations and landscape works, and in other parts of the lower-required safety levels and load bearing capacities. With the realization of those activities we hope to achieve the reduction of pressure on landfills and contribute to the transition to a “recycling society”, which is one of the cornerstones of the European directive on waste.

Cleaning devices

Large treatment plant, long sewer networks and pumping stations are difficult for small towns and municipalities, especially for those with dispersed settlement and oversized logistical and financial burdens. The solutions that we offer on the market are a comprehensive engineering design, supply, installation and commissioning of small flow anaerobic biological treatment plants ranging in size from 5 to 2,000 PE. The main advantage of these treatment plants is their simplicity and the possibility of rapid phase of construction, cleaning wastewater without electricity, a large reduction of biological sludge generation, low operating costs and reliable and quiet operation. Treated water is used for irrigation, farming and also for technological purposes. The construction of small wastewater treatment plants significantly reduces the huge interventions in the living space and simplifies the logistics of construction. Their operation is the closest to natural processes and cycles that nature creates

Redevelopment of degraded areas

According to our own patent procedure we perform remediation of sites and landscape constructions with the production and use of industrial composites and artificial soils from the treated waste and scrap.

Renovation of water bodies

Disposal, processing, processing of excavation materials of bodies of water, sludges, sediments and debris and their return to beneficial use. With this technology we help immensly to ensure flood safety in the event of increased and extremely large water flows.

Desalinisation of sea water

In areas where there are shortages of fresh water, we have designed and implemented technology projects in the processing of salt water into drinking water.

Systems for seawater and groundwater desalinisation are reliable and automatic units serving in the process of obtaining drinking water worldwide. They are manufactured with resistant materials and designed to meet the needs of customers. The range extends from small semi-automatic units up to high automated systems that contain large amounts of measurement and control devices.

Desalination of sea water is carried by open access (at sea) or application wells on land.